What do I pack when I travel?

My job is to take the pain away of thinking about what to pack for your next trip - you're welcome.   

First thing first, as we are based down at the beach it seems only natural to begin there.  Below is a list of essentials to pack for 3 - 5 day beach vacations and of course you can add your own personal flare to these basics. 

Whether you are a bikini flaunting chick or a one-piece kinda girl - bathers are an essential and don't forget a beach towel to pair it with (we suggest a micro fibre quick dry towel)! 
Team with these other beach vacay essentials:

- UV protection sunnies that look fabulous!
- A broad-rimmed hat for full coverage and a Grace Kelly sense of style
- Sexy slip on strappy sandals and a good pair of thongs is all the footwear you need
- A long or short Kaftan teamed with a thin belt to transition from beach to the streets
- A sarong for a casual barefoot sunset beach walk... there's nothing sarong with that!! 
- Cut off denim shorts and a pair of cotton casual shorts
- Tank tops in any style and a light cardigan in case of a breeze
- A skirt and simple dress that can switch from day to nightwear
- A large tote bag to carry your essentials
- Camera or your iPhone and charger to get snappy happy
Now every well-traveled girl knows that there are certain essentials you require in your Overnight Bag for quick getaways that cover every situation.  Boys, take note - there is a reason behind these magical secret lotions and potions in our deep dark bags!  

- Eye drops to help with windy days...or to help after a big night out!
- Bandaids & soothing get for obvious reasons
- Hair conditioning treatment for after pool/beach/spa sessions
- Listerine so you are always minty fresh
- Sunscreen with your choice of UV protection level
- Bring you own shampoo and conditioner rather than relying on hotel supplies
- Razor for last minute emergencies
- Eye cream to soothe your relaxed eyes after a long day out
- Panadol to curb any niggly pains and aches

Winter getaways can daunt many a traveler into thinking they need a huge suitcase or backpack to cater for big bulky coats and jumpers, but fear not!! Here are some secrets to packing lightly during the cooler months but still providing you with the warmth and protection you need!  
- A flannel shirt is the coolest winter essential for travel to a country town (no longer bogan!)
- Leggings I would suggest two pairs, one woollen and one thin stretch cotton
- Mittens or gloves, again both woolly and a lighter pair for equal cuteness factor
- Sturdy boots, flats works best for all looks
- A pair of cool wellies never goes astray paired with leggings to jump in puddles!
- Don't forget your favourite pair of jeans!
- Scarves are an essential, one for chilly days and a lighter one to wear out
- A tailored jacket or coat is the biggest must here, wool lined covers all conditions


I hope this helps you next time you venture out!  Just a heads up - if you are planning to come and visit us Down South in the beautiful Busselton and Margaret River Region, book direct at Amalfi Resort for amazing deals!

Signing off....Jane

I need to credit Savvy Sassy Moms for help with the great pics, a great little US site for tips and tricks! 


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