Top Mazes of the South West Corner


I don't know about you but I am 41 years old and I still love a good MAZE challenge!!  Let out your inner child, let someone else be the more adultier adult - get mazin' at these South West hotspots!

I've rated them as my favourites, starting with numero uno...


This is one giant hedge maze in Margaret River that was first planted in 1994 and has 1.5km of pathways, encompasses half a hectare of land and is surround by 5 hectares of landscaped botanical gardens with unusual and rare native species.  

They have free BBQ's, sheltered Picnic Tables, a Playground, Mini Golf, interactive ground puzzles and games, a Cafe and quirky artwork everywhere!  What more could you ask for!!   This is a must visit on your next trip down south - young or older!

Yallingup Maze

This place has it all - aside from the insane maze that has a few tricky biscuits up it's sleeves, they have a free bouncy castle, puzzles for the kids, outdoor nature play & water tag and for mum's and dad's...wait for it....a LICENSED CAFE!

With picnic tables and plenty of shady trees, you can bring your own picnic or cook up a BBQ to celebrate with friends and family.  One tip for the maze...think of the movie 'The Labyrinth' when going through this one - nothing is ever quite as it seems...

Mythic Maze

Mine Shaft Maze

Within the Xscape at the Cape Fun Park - the Mine Shaft Maze is a test of wit and skill.  You must reach the end of the spinning Mine Shaft tunnel before the time runs out!  Great for kids of all ages.  The Park also has Lazer Tag, Wacky Putt-Putt, Jumpin Tramps, Inflatable Waterslide and more.

On your next stay at Amalfi Resort Busselton, get your MAZE ON and join in with the kids.  These attractions can get competitive, challenging and will inspire your imagination!  Take care - Jane.


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