Forest Adventures South West - Definitely worth a visit

Yesterday for our first wedding anniversary I dragged my husband, who is scared of heights to the Forest Adventure south west. Let me tell you, it was a fantastic adventurous day!!

Located just 15 min north of Busselton and super easy to find it's a great outdoor activity to do. For an entree fee of $40 per Adult you get a 2 hour climb which you easily use if you do all the 6 different courses. The tour starts off with getting strapped up and a 20 min instruction of how to us all the gear. The guys who run the place are super friendly and explain all the different gear very well. The good thing is they use very small groups so everyone gets attended to, and the gear they use makes you feel super safe. 


After a short climb through the practice course the instructor sends out the couples/families to the different courses. The first 2 courses are pretty easy to do and only about 1 meter off the ground, but they are great to get used to the gear. Once you get to course number 3 and 4 the fun really starts. About 2,5 to 4 meters off the ground, they have obstacles where you have to ride on a bicycle over a hanging bridge or stand on a snowboard to get from tree to tree. I must say the flying foxes are the most fun. 

Courses five and six are up to 18 meters off the ground and super exhausting. For me, the little monkey that I am it was fun climbing up the wall to get to the 18 meter high platform, however my dear husband had to take a couple of deep breaths. But just like you do with small kids you don't tell them how high it is and let them jump into the deep end ;-)


After 2 hours and finishing all 6 courses we both were tired and worn out but had a fantastic time. Thank you Forest Adventure South West for a fun day out. I will certainly recommend you to all Amalfi guests and friends.

Have a fantastic day!



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