Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.

I came across this quote while looking for inspiration for a promo at work, mission accomplished.  

For those fellow Wanderluster's out there - you will know the feeling well. Don't be fooled into thinking that this is a negative suggestion, it is a pure statement to explain that we are one small but amazing part of a much bigger picture.

There are literally thousands of aspects I love about travelling that I'm sure many of you can identify with.  Smells, sounds, space, no space, wild extremes in weather patterns, architecture, history, landscapes, culture, mouthwatering produce and the people.  

Where there is people, there is connection.  This connection comes from the ultimate fact that we are all someone's son or daughter, father or mother, grandfather or grandmother, friend or lover.  I find great excitement in that no matter where I am in the world, we are all part of the same movement, life.  

According to my mate Google, we share this world with over 7 billion people, 3 trillion trees, 7 million land animals and 2 million ocean dwelling creatures.  Just try for a moment to contemplate how much beauty and wonder there is around us and how in the heck we all largely coexist sharing the same land & water mass.  Mind.Blown.

I'm fairly sure Mr David Attenborough has been trying to indulge our senses on this matter for years - duly noted Mr A.  So next time you venture from your front door and step out to discover a new place, remember this quote and see how it changes your perspective in positive way.  If your choice of destination includes down south in W.A. - give us a call at Amalfi Resort and we'll chat.

Thanks for reading, Jane.


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