Sssshhhhhhhhh... We've found some hidden gems..

It's not often you get something for nothing these days - well that's about to change.

It's not often talked about, you won't find these hidden gems in paid advertisements!  There are 3 amazing sets of Cliffs down south that you have probably not heard of, let alone visited.  Grab a picnic blanket, bottle of Margaret River Wine, some local cheese and head down to these magical spots!


Conto's Beach has long been a popular cove to swim and relax with relative seclusion however they have always been overshadowed by the magnificent limestone cliffs towering around the cove.   Whilst the beach itself is popular with swimming, fishing and surfing - the cliffs perched high above are typically laden with small groups of awestruck travellers marvelling at the utter spectacle of the view.  One of my personal favourites and the Conto Beach Campsite is a few minutes drive with plenty of space and great facilities!


Whilst not as high as other cliffs along our amazing coast - these cliffs are unique due to their exposure and jagged box-like giant rocks.  Popular with rock climbers, families wanting a great vantage point for a super cool Instagram shot or just a wanderluster looking for the thrill of white water crashing against the rocks - this is well worth a look!


A massive outcrop of hexagonal basalt columns formed 135 million years ago by flowing volcanic lava.  Unique in its appearance as over the years the lava cooled, cracked and shrunk - leaving behind a sight to behold and one that can only be truly appreciated in person.

Grab your joggers, hat and backpack - head to Amalfi Resort Busselton for a few nights and take a moment to breathe fresh air looking out at these magnificent hidden gems.  We look forward to seeing you - maps can be provided at Reception!  Cheers Wanderlusters, Jane


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