South West Resort...Italian Heritage

Nestled by Geographe Bay - Amalfi Resort Busselton's namesake is steeped in history.  

The Resort was built 15years ago by a group of Italians with a passion for tourism.  Their Italian heritage inspired the name Amalfi, after the famous Amalfi Coast in Italy.  The similarities are worth noting - our Resort is built by one of the most striking coastlines in Australia - with sparkling azure waters and Mediterranean climate, it is truly a playground for the young at heart!

For those that aren't aware - here's a little bit of background to one of the most stunning coastlines in the world - the Amalfi Coast...

You may recall the 1963 Old Hollywood Movie 'Escape to Campania' which starred the likes of Humphrey Bogart and Jennifer Jones - a classic cult movie set in the now famous (and sometimes infamous) Hotel Le Sirenuse in Positano.  Positano is arguably by far the most picturesque towns on the Coast.   

The Pool scene from that movie took centre stage in another more recent movie (and one of my personal chick flick fav's!) 'Only You' starring Robert Downey Jnr and Marisa Tomei - in a movie about "trovare il tuo destino".... finding your destiny!

Another interesting note about the Amalfi Coast is that it is famous for it's lemons and of course, the smooth silky taste of their iconic Limoncello Liqueur.  

If the Accommodation & Service at Amalfi Resort are the Stars, the lemon trees are the Stage.  Our lemon trees are strong, healthy and produce an abundance of bright yellow fruits like you've never seen!  You can pick them from your stroll around the gardens or if you are lucky - you may have them dangling in front of your balcony.  Our guests are encouraged to pick lemons to add some extra flavour to their ice cold drinks and to take a bag home with them to pass on to family and friends.

The experience at Amalfi Resort Busselton is something a little special - our lemons are in season and the Star of our show is ready to host you, ease your weary bones and envelop you in the most comfortable beds you've ever slept in.  Come visit the Amalfi Resort this Spring and experience this little touch of Italia!

See you soon, Jane 


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