The overwhelming desire or impulse to travel and discover the world.

At Amalfi Resort Busselton, we are all what we like to call 'Wanderlusters'...sounds a bit naughty doesn't it??

As I've written above, wanderlust means that you have a strong desire to see the world, discover and experience life outside of your urban environment.  Just sounds pretty awesome now doesn't it!!

For our first blog, I'm calling on you to find out if you share the same passion.  Ask yourself the following questions and if you agree, you are officially a part of a global club of like-minded people that just downright LOVE LOVE LOVE TRAVEL!

10 Signs you are a WANDERLUSTER too:

1.  You value experiences not just things;

2.  Your first question is "where are you from?" not "how are you?";

3.  You've mastered the art of beating jetlag;

4.  You know many currency conversions without looking them up;

5.  You can say "hello" and "thankyou" in multiple languages;

6.  You answer "where did you get that from?" with a country instead of a brand;

7.  You plan trips months in advance and google everything!!;

8.  You have a countdown calendar for your next adventures;

9.  Your bookcase has just as many maps & travel guides as books;

10.You start most of your stories with "When I was in...."

So there you have it.  Now you have an insight in to what we are all about here at the Resort and how we are inspired by travel so much that providing an awesome experience for you is as important to us as our own adventures.  

Follow our blog for more trips, tips and let's be honest...some pretty funny stories that inevitably happen during our day running a Resort!

Warm Regards on these cooler winter days - Jane & the Team @ Amalfi Resort Busselton


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